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cyber_fop's Journal

Where Refinement Meets Popular Culture
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Welcome to the Opium Den!

Pick up a glass of shimmering green to sip as you surf the cyber tides or read your comics by candle light or perhaps you prefer to fling a volume of poetry at the nearest velvet clad, top hatted person.

This is who we are - Geeks in Frills. We find the refined in the gutter of popular culture and dig dandies out of computer games and the internet. We are the Cyber-Fops!

So lets be very clear:

This community is for the FOP who is also a GEEK. The last time we set up a community to accomodate for this dichotomy in our personality we attracted a herd of refined but rather confused people and ended up with fop_club so if you like to pretend technology never really happened or you want to make believe you still live entirely in the 18th or 19th century you can still go there. It is run by a sock puppet and I largly ignore it these days... but you are welcome there.

This place is different. We dress in frills and top hats, elaborate frocks and corsets... and we wouldn't go anywhere without our PDA, our Nintendo DS and our Laptops. Find it vile? GO AWAY!

So here are the rules:

1) All discussion of fopish nature, refinement and dandyism are welcome BUT: No bad attitude towards technology and popular culture will be tolerated. We LOVE computer, we LOVE anime, we LOVE video games and we find the FOP within all of those. We mix and match the classics with utter trash, we read poetry AND comic books and we wear velvet, lace and PVC! If you are not a GEEK then no matter how frilly you are - you have no place here!

2) No cliques! If you want to advertise a meet up - it has to be open for all. No discussion of INVITATION ONLY events will be tolerated. It caused much bad feelings in the past and it will do so again if allowed to happen. You are welcome to post pictures of you and your friends as long as you do not rub your exclusivity in the face of others. Don't pretend you don't know were the line is drawn - just don't cross it. If I find you cliquey - I will remove your post, warn you and eventually BAN you!

3) No FALTZANUT! This is the Hebrew word for VERBAL FLATULANCE. Talking out of one's back side is only allowed and WELCOMED in a joking manner. Patronize ANYONE and I will probably nuke you from orbit. I have a serious alergy to smug and condescending individual. Please also bear in mind that quoting Oscar wilde to make a foppish point is old, lame and boring... everyone is doing it! STOP IT!

4) Grammar and Spelling Nazzism is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN! People come from different countries were English is not their first language, some are just atrocious spellers and... oh ... yes... first sign of loosing an argument as well as STUPIDITY is correcting other people spelling and gramatical mistakes (see also previous rule on FALTZANUT). Don't embarass yourself !

5) Try to spare our low boredom threshold. If you don't - we would be forced to wax our mustache at you... the ladies too..

Other than that?

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